The Catholic Church, the Boys Scouts of Canada, Penn State, Syracuse University… who’s next?

What a sad question to have to ask, but ask I must. Because what the past month, and the past decade or more with the Catholic Church, have taught us is that another major institution is knowingly hiding and protecting one or more pedophiles and they will be exposed. I’m certain of this.

The statistics don’t lie – 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys will be sexually assaulted and abused before the age of 18 in Canada, that’s approximately 1/3 of our population. To have that many victims it stands to reason that forces larger than the common man are to blame for allowing this to happen.

What these major institutions fail to understand is that it takes just one common man or woman to stand up, speak out and demand to be heard.When those voices cry out together, expect justice, provide support to each other, vote for politicians who actually get tough on perpetrators and those who aid and abete them – there is no greater strength than those combined voices.

I suggest our combined voices put institutions on notice:

Any organization – non-profit or for profit – who willingly hides and protects pedophiles: you will be found out and you will be held accountable… it’s inevitable.