Yesterday I had a chance to sit down with my team and receive guidance and wisdom from Kim Barthel ~ an excellent teacher, occupational therapist, neurobiologist, author and friend.

I know it’s unusual to have this sort of experience at work, at least unusual for most people. At Fleury 14 Enterprises, Inc. we deal with some very tough topics, such as sexual abuse, addictions, abandonment, pain…and those topics require mental tune ups and in depth discussions from time to time.

My team and I have long believed in the incredible value of therapy…we look after our physical health and we look after our mental health. We’re an inquisitive team too ~ always asking questions, seeking advice, trying new methods and embarking on new journeys. We can do all that because we’re putting in the time and reaping the rewards of submitting to effective and empathetic counsel from a trusted professional.

And we’re being vulnerable. That’s a scary word for most, but we’ve come to embrace it as a integral key to success. As Brené Brown says:

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”

I like that we can talk at work about our feelings, frustrations, successes and experiences, it makes us a stronger unit and more empathetic towards each other and those we serve. Through my years playing team sports, there were occasions when we gathered as a team, closed the dressing room door, aired our grievances, and worked towards solutions. It wasn’t always fun, but in the end it was always for the best.

We’re far from perfect, but we understand that we’re not striving for perfection; we’re striving for healing.

So my encouragement to you today is this: get your team together, have a qualified trusted counselor present, and talk…talk about what’s happening, celebrate your team successes and encourage a culture of vulnerability and courage. In that talking respect the differences of others, understand that everyone is walking their own journey, and forget the blame game. I can guarantee that you’ll be stronger for it, more knowledgeable and better equipped for what faces you today.