When a child is sexually abused they become victims. This is the most lonely, terrifying, painful and confusing time for a child. This is done to them, and they are helpless to prevent or stop the abuse.

After the sexual abuse ends ~ either from a one time violation or many years of assault ~ the victim moves into survivor mode. They do the best they can to make it through every day. They cope. Many are angry, many are in pain, many are confused and many lack the skills necessary to lead healthy, happy lives.

Once a survivor acknowledges that the abuse was not their fault, they did not cause it and they were helpless to prevent or stop it…once they realize that they can be free from the pain, they seek help from qualified therapists, they are free from the shame, from the shackles of the after effects of abuse, when they start to hope and dream again, they have overcome, they are now Victors.

It doesn’t stop there ~ every person who identifies as a Victor is compelled in some shape or form to take action …for national awareness, for tougher laws, for better access to therapy and for a complete stop to childhood sexual abuse ~ this person is called an Advocate.

I am not a victim anymore.

I have noticed that a lot of media interviews begin with labeling me as a victim, and I am quick to correct them, to let them and all their listeners know that I am a Victor and I am an Advocate. I am victorious. And I want that for you too.

It was never your fault, you are meant to do more than cope through the remaining years of your life, you are meant to overcome and be a Victor.