You may be wondering exactly what is meant by the term, self-soothing. It really means what it says – finding ways to soothe yourself when the world is giving you grief or your inner balance has been upset. Most of us actually learn effective self-soothing techniques before we even enter this world – just think about the number of sonogram photos expectant parents share of their unborn children already sucking their thumbs!

Some of the earliest self-soothing behaviors arise from behaviors that mimic suckling reflex – from the infant or toddler sucking her thumb, to babies sucking hard on their pacifiers, to adults who might smoke, compulsively eat, over drink, or even bite their nails. Other self-soothing tricks that young children learn include relying on a specific stuffed animal, quilt, or other “lovey” or toy to use as a source of comfort. These are often called “transitional objects.”  Click here to read more