Theo Fleury will have his say in the first eliminations of the Battle of the Blades season this week.

All eight pairs will perform “passion” themed performances in a one-hour episode on Sunday at 8 p.m. Fleury, an ex-NHL All-Star and Olympic gold medallist, will watch the competition from a new vantage point: the judges’ table alongside resident judges Sandra Bezic and Jeremy Roenick.

“I am excited to back on the set of Battle of the Blades,” said Fleury, “and I am looking forward to seeing returning cast mates from last season’s show as well as meeting the new crop of contestants.

“I truly had an amazing experience during my time on Battle of the Blades with my partner Jamie who made this show so special for me. To all of the fans, it will be great to see you all. It will be nice to be on the other side and judging instead of worrying about my toe picks.

Fleury will draw from his experience as a competitor last season when he was partnered with Olympic champion figure skater Jamie Salé and will share his candid feedback as the 16 stars of hockey and figure skating compete for the $100,000 first place prize donation for their chosen charity.

He will then return on Monday at 8 p.m. as the bottom-two pairs–based on your votes and the judges’s scores–perform in the first skate-off of the year. The judges will be able to save just one of the two pairs from elimination.

Theo Fleury to Return to Battle as Judge. CBC, Battle of the Blades, September 30, 2011.