Don't quit before the miracle

Theo Fleury 14 Presents…


Theo’s Personal Guarantee

  • Simply put, your organization will hear an inspiring message and they will walk away knowing that change is possible and quitting isn’t an option. Each time Theo shares his message, he gives it his all for one single purpose: to help. His talks are inspirational, entertaining, and completely original.

Theo’s Story – Don’t Quit Before the Miracle is a message everyone needs to hear at some point in their life. It’s about hope, about moving forward, about never giving up, even when the obstacles you face appear overwhelming and unbeatable. From the greatest heights to the lowest depths, both professionally and personally, Theo shares a message about winning it all, losing it all, and reinventing it all over again.

The Cost - for Theo to offer his 60-minute message is $12,500 (+GST) plus return trip air and ground transportation, accommodation and a daily meal per diem while travelling. If your event includes a banquet, Theo would be happy to enjoy the meal with your guests and mingle after his presentation.  To assist you in the promotion of your event, Theo will “tweet” out to all his social media followers his appearance at your event and will post your event on his “Upcoming Events” page with a link to your site.

If you would like Theo to partake in other appearances for your event (ie. autograph and picture taking session, puck drop, shinny game, networking breakfast etc.) there will be an additional $2,500/hour fee.

*Please note, extra costs will apply for travel required to remote communities.

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 ”Theo’s testimony empitomizes this fact: that people can heal, people can learn to trust again and people be a voice against child abuse. Mr. Fleury was inspirational and had acheived the desired result we wanted with his presentation.”

Leo K. Gamble Sr., Resolution Health Support Worker, Willow Cree Health

“Theo exceeded and provided more than we could have imagined. His story and presentation is real which instantly had soldiers (those tough macho guys) buy in. The crowd male and female related to him and the story he shares. His time talking individually to people before and after the presentation, made the evening that much more special.”

Garry Reid, Program Coordinator, Shilo Military Family Resource Centre

“…he can relate his experiences, challenges, and triumphs, to the audience in such a personal way, it allows them to see that they all have the capability to overcome them, they only need to persist and make sure they “don’t quit before their own miracle”. Theo’s story provides the encouragement for them to do just that!! The result was far more than we could have hoped for and will continue to resonate within Merritt, and the different First Nation communities for a long time to come. His words of encouragement and inspiration made a lot of people feel as if he was speaking directly to them and they are not alone, and never have been, in dealing with those challenges.”

          R. R. (Rick) Yellow Horn, Executive Director, Nicola Tribal Association

 ”It was a great honor to have Mr. Theo Fleury at our annual post secondary event. Each year we host a workshop for our students and invite many presenters who can send a positive message to our community, and this has been by far the most successful outpour of positive responses from our students. Not only did Theo enhance the significance of what hard work and determination can accomplish, he also acknowledged that struggles are a common part of society and anyone can overcome these obstacles. Thank you for the powerful, mesmerizing message.”

Camille Whitney, Post Secondary Coordinator, Tsuu T’ina Education

“Theo exceeded any and every expectation we had. He was simply amazing and his connection with everyone in the room was phenomenal.” 

Jon DeActis, Director, Mission Services of London

“It was a powerful presentation by Theo and it is a brave and noble thing that he is willing to share his story and I found it fascinating that he did not dwell on his success at hockey. There are not many people that can hold 500 people entranced in his story and message of recovery – you could hear a pin drop…”

Audience member,
Mission Services of London Recovery Breakfast

“When  Theo Fleury addressed the crowd of more than 500 people at St. Clair College you could hear a pin drop.  His message was both sad and powerful.  Communities, schools, youth programs…all of us… have a responsibility to protect young people from the realities that Theo experienced.

There is no doubt in my mind that the courage Theo Fleury displays in his presentations will result in saving a young person from the terrible abuse Theo never should have had to deal with”

Ronald Seguin, Vice President, Global Education and Training Services, St. Clair College

“Theo was a guest speaker at our conference in June of 2010. I found Theo to be very outgoing, approachable and genuine…Theo delivered a powerful message to our Youth at the centre and to the audience. His message was that of “hope”, that you can overcome your addictions through pride, inner strength and a belief in yourself. He truly is an inspirational speaker whose message can help others!”

Vince Simon, Executive Director, Ka-Na-Chi-Hih Treatment Centre

“His raw honestly moved the audience members and touched each of us still to this day.  It gave such a feeling of hope as the youth were held totally engaged by what he shared… a wonderful being - a truly strong soul – he is a survivor!”

Jennifer Belhumeur, Self Help Facilitator & Public Relations Coordinator, CMHA Parkland