When I wrote “Playing With Fire” I had no idea how large this issue of sexual abuse was. I did not have a clue about the vast number of people who were hurting like I was because of the heinous crime of sexual abuse and assault.

It’s been four years since the book hit the shelves and my team and I have been inundated with stories of abuse from coast to coast ever since. We count it an incredible honour that anyone would trust me or my team to reveal their deepest pain to, to tell their most closely guarded secrets, and reveal the aftermath of trauma in their lives.

I have come to realize, and my team agrees, that writing the book and continuing to speak around our country is vital in raising awareness about this epidemic. I can shine a light into those dark corners where pedophiles and their protectors hide. I can align with those who are working to stem the tide and create new lives for victims, survivors, Victors and Advocates.

I am not, however, a therapist or counselor. My team is not educated in the counseling and therapy required to heal those in deep pain. That said, I have come across some of the most incredible healers in this country, and I know there are many more I’ll meet in the days to come.

If you are hurting because of sexual abuse or assault ~ whether it happened to you 5 minutes ago or 50 years past, whether you’ve hidden it deeply or the abuse has wreaked havoc in your entire life by abusing drugs, alcohol, sex, food, shopping, or ruined your most precious relationships…whatever it may be…you are not alone, there is help and you can overcome. I did.

Please contact the following people for help:

Lee Ferrill ~ I believe in this guy. He is an incredible counselor in Belleville, Ontario, and he’s a Victor over sexual abuse as well. He understands deeply the pain men go through when they’ve been victimized. I know Lee well, and I highly recommend him. And don’t let it stop you that he may be out of your province, Lee has a network of contacts he can access for you. He can be reached at lrferrill@msn.com.

Kim Barthel ~ I have found a new friend, and a powerful ally in the fight to eradicate childhood sexual abuse, her name is Kim and she possesses not only the education and experience in helping people heal from trauma, she’s also very wise and compassionate. Her website is www.labyrinthjourneys.com and you can contact her at (250) 479-5509 for further information.

Little Warriors ~ “Little Warriors is a charitable organization with a national focus that educates adults about how to help prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. Little Warriors also provides information about the prevalence and frequency of child sexual abuse and information about healing and support resources.” You can contact Little Warriors by going to their website: www.littlewarriors.ca. It’s important to note here that Little Warriors does not provide personal counseling, but they do have direct referral information.

Aulneau Renewal Centre ~ This is an incredible organization located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They offer very affordable counseling in both English and French for those struggling with the long-term effects of trauma, including sexual trauma. They also have an incredible understanding about substance abuse and trauma. Aulneau is working on creating a nation wide database for those seeking help for sexual abuse and assault. Check out their website at: www.aulneau.com.

As I come across more healers and helpers I’ll update this information, so please check back for updates.

With my whole heart I wish I could call everyone who wants me to call, to visit everyone who wants me to visit…but it’s better that trained professionals tend to the needs of the broken.

I am here to shed light on the epidemic, to keep the light shining in the dark corners of sexual abuse and assault, and to raise greater awareness wherever I go.

To this day I continue to seek professional help and guidance for the issues and fall out I face from sexual abuse. I very strongly urge everyone who has even been remotely affected by abuse to seek a qualified, educated and compassionate therapist today.

Don’t wait another moment, take control of your own life. I encourage you to find your own miracle inside yourself by getting professional help…do it today.