By now many of you are following my Twitter and Facebook accounts ~ @TheoFleury14 and Theo Fleury ~ and you can see how passionate my team and I are about keeping a very bright light shining on the issue of child sexual abuse in Canada. You are also emailing, tweeting and posting your thoughts to me and I am so grateful.

I need you to know that I intend to do much more than shine that light, I intend to take this very issue to the steps of Parliament next May and DEMAND changes to the laws that will reflect much harsher punishments for pedophiles and for those who lie, hide or ignore the abuse children they know are going through. I will also be DEMANDING a national registry program so that each and every Canadian will know where the pedophiles are working and residing.

This project is called the Victor Walk, and I will be unveiling this in November on my website, Facebook and Twitter.

My team and I are working out all the details ~ dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s ~ and we will be asking you to join us. Please bear with us as we assemble this plan, it’s a big project and it requires a lot of attention to detail.

So Tim, Lisa, Mike, Bruce, Aaron, Joanne, Dori, Pat, Louise, Steve, Montgrand, Pauline, Serge…just to name a very few who have been corresponding over social media with me…stay tuned and keep communicating. The Victor Walk needs everyone and it will make a world of difference to each and every Canadian.