VERNON BC CANADA – As the news came in today that a repeat offender was granted full parole, we are again asking questions as to how this is possible? I say again, “Canada is the Disneyland for pedophiles.”


At this point we as the 1 in 4 who experience sexual abuse in our lifetime are left to once again be re-victimized by the system, media included.


With this judgement we are now as always to continue to focus on the path of healing and forgiveness. If you are looking for closure from the justice system, this in many cases will never happen.


Today as I am speaking to three high schools in Vernon BC, I will be reminded that my path and our path should be focused on healing.  What we are missing here is that trauma, mental health and addictions should be the main focus of the media’s attention; not that another offender manipulated the consequences of their offences.


So today will be like any other day in my new life, focused on helping. Helping is healing and healing is possible! There is no anger, only hope that we may touch another’s life, someone who has been silenced and shamed because of their trauma. We will always encourage people to find their own voice and admire the courage it takes to do that. “The Power of Me Too”.