DATE: February 22, 2012
TIME: 7:30 AM
WHERE: Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel
1133 West Hastings Street · Vancouver

At a young and very impressionable age, Theo Fleury was stalked, preyed upon and sexually assaulted over 150 times by an adult his family and Theo trusted completely.

“I was a boy with a big dream and the talent to match. I played hockey in the early morning hours, after school, on the weekends and holidays, I even dreamed of hockey. Everyone in my life knew of my passion and my talent, including convicted pedophile Graham James. “ says Theo.

On February 22, 2012 the courts in Winnipeg, Manitoba will hear arguments from the Crown Prosecutor and the Defense as to sentencing for Graham James.

Theo Fleury will address the media at this press conference with his complete and unedited Victim Impact Statement.

“I was a scared kid back then and I turned into an angry adult who tried everything to ease my pain, but now I’m clean and sober ~ I have been for 6 years ~ and I am reconciled with my family, including my incredible children. I was victimized by Graham James and I survived. Now I’m a Victor over childhood sexual abuse and I am an Advocate for all men who have suffered this same horrific fate.”

Theo is in Vancouver, BC with the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards and is serving as Co-Host for this incredible event on February 24, 2012.

For further information contact:

Carey Fraser 403.852.4846