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Breaking Free Through Healing Conversation: Moving Beyond Abuse & Trauma

Theo Fleury, former NHL hockey player and author of best-selling book Playing with Fire and Kim Barthel, renowned therapist and teacher co-host a day of cutting edge information, personal reflection, inspiration and healing & helping someone you don’t know to attend this workshop may just be an excellent way to Pay-It-Forward


WINNIPEG, MB- Theo Fleury is now well on his healing journey. No question though, he had a challenging upbringing, experienced childhood sexual abuse and suffered from addiction for many years. Together with Kim Barthel, who helps explain why people do what they do, they help remove the veil of shame and inspire compassion and self- awareness in a life-changing event, “Breaking Free through Healing Conversation: Moving Beyond Abuse and Trauma” on November 28th at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre.

Theo and Kim’s mission is to promote wide-spread awareness that while it’s an ongoing process, healing from the emotional scars of childhood sexual abuse is absolutely possible. From hearing about this event, a gentleman recently approached the Aulneau Renewal Centre with the idea of paying it forward. In a random act of kindness, this man wished to purchase a ticket for someone who wants to go but who can’t afford to go. Under the condition of anonymity, this person explained “I was thinking of something that happened to my Grandmother about 75 years ago, something that she carried the shame for unnecessarily until just before she died, and thinking- if she’d had access to the kind of liberating message that Theo Fleury and Kim Barthel are talking about, I don’t think she would have been so burdened.”

Theo and Kim have chosen to honour this request, and with your help, to expand on it: They would like to partner with media to let the public know that you can donate tickets to this event in honour of someone (either anonymously or not), which will then be gifted to another person who wants to attend but may not have the means. If someone would like to “pay it forward” by donating a ticket to someone you don’t even know, you are encouraged to contact the Aulneau Renewal Centre at 204-987-7090.

To have your name put in a draw to receive a free ticket to the event, simply call this same number and provide Aulneau with your contact information. Complete confidentiality will strictly be maintained. The number of free tickets will depend on the number of donations. In the past 24 hours we have already had 5 tickets donated but would love to increase that number and know how incredibly generous Winnipegers are. If any donor wishes, Theo will send them each a personalized signed picture as a thank- you for their gesture in helping make a difference in someone’s life.

Theo and Kim are paying it forward by donating a portion of the event proceeds to a local non-profit organization that specializes in trauma and healing processes. They have chosen the Aulneau Renewal Centre to be the Winnipeg organization and the Aulneau Renewal Centre have in-turn have decided to pay it forward by dedicating all of the proceeds of the event to provide free counselling for low-income families that have been impacted by sexual abuse.


The Aulneau Renewal Centre is a registered not-for-profit organization founded in 1979 and incorporated in 1998. The mission of the Aulneau Renewal Centre is to create opportunities and to provide resources for children, youth and adults to build relationships and be renewed.

For more information about Breaking Free Through Healing Conversation please visit

For more information about the Aulneau Renewal Centre and to Pay-It-Forward please visit our website at or please contact Dawn Isaac at 204-987-7090.