Want to hear a phrase I can’t stand? Childhood sexual abuse. I despise hearing those words. But instead of getting angry I’m getting more and more motivated…more and more energized…more and more focused.

My team and I intend to change the world. Yes, I said change the world. And we’re starting right here in the country we love, our country, Canada.

I have spoken with politicians around the nation, I’ve asked over and over again why our laws are so lenient on pedophiles, why aren’t people who do not immediately report sexual crimes against a minor to the police facing justice and jail time, why is the public at large not allowed to be aware of where these pedophiles work and reside ~ why???? More often than not I get a shoulder shrug, a request to join their political party or a long winded reply about how tough it is to change laws.

And then I check my email, my Facebook page, my Twitter feed, and there are literally thousands of people crying out about their own pain telling me about how their child, spouse, sister, brother, father, mother, friend have been completely let down by our justice system.

The Minister of Justice for Alberta told me today that the case of the 9 year old girl from Airdrie was an isolated incident. That her quest for justice which completely fell apart isn’t the norm. He’s ordering a special investigation. My reply: that’s absolutely ludacris…too little too late.

The politician’s pat answers and the messages I receive are polar opposite.

Something is broken…it’s our justice system.

When I see something broken my team and I work to fix it.

Here’s the message going forward for all those in positions of power in our country:

LEAD…lead the way to change. Listen to the millions of Victor’s who are loudly telling you that our system is completely flawed and needs immediate change.


FOLLOW…follow the thousands of survivors, Victors and Advocates who are organizing and working day in and day out to fix the system. Meet with them, listen to them, work with them now.


GET OUT OF THE WAY…the old adage of ‘if you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem’ rings true here. If you’re not invested in protecting our children, fixing a broken system and affecting real tangible change get out of the way.

My team and I are Victors over childhood sexual abuse. We are organizing Victors and Advocates from across this nation for the Victor Walk. We are done hearing pat answers, we are getting ready for action.

Watch out Ottawa…the Orange Wave of Victor Courage is coming your way…