Clearly, I’ve been far from perfect and yet a quick look at my career and you’ll see I’ve been pretty damn good at doing quite a few things. I’ve always wanted to be the best at whatever I set my mind to and in order to do that I’ve needed help. When it came to the food side of things I knew that I needed help but I didn’t want to be told what to do, I know unusual for a man, hey?

I kinda felt that in order to eat well you had to do it all the time, all or nothing kinda thing and as determined as I am when setting my mind to something, I couldn’t see that happening despite the motivation of the pain going away, losing weight and living healthy for a long time.

Sherry doesn’t tell you what to do, she’s not even that interested in if you lose weight, she’s all about being healthy and she’ll remind you there are plenty of unhealthy ways to lose weight. What I love about her approach is that she has these philosophies, strategies and concepts that just make sense. They help you reframe your thinking in a way that motivates you from the inside. She gives you the tools to tell yourself what to do in a way that you don’t feel like you’re missing out.

She introduced me to a concept she calls ‘Pick Your Poisons’ based on her study of the healthiest longest living cultures on the planet. They all had something addictive that made them feel good but ‘the bulk of what they were doing is highly nourishing, energizing and protective’ so the body can cope. She talks about ‘being mindful to notice the accumulative effect that tips you over into illness’. Some people like to give it all up because they know they are all or nothing people. I’m still figuring it out. I’m not a perfect eater and I enjoy foods that are not perfect for me only now the incentive is more immediate. The contrast to how good I feel when I eat well and how crappy I feel when I don’t keeps me getting back on track. I know the foods now that trigger the Crohn’s symptoms and I can clearly make a choice, enjoy the junk in the moment and pay for it later or try to find something that tastes good and makes me feel good after I’ve eaten it.

Life is a funny thing, the more I move toward doing the things in life that really make me feel good the easier it is to eat good food. Sherry asked me what I got more out of, what made me feel more fulfilled, the hockey or what I’m doing now helping people go from victim to Victor and I said without hesitation what I’m doing now feels a hundred times more fulfilling than hockey ever did. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for everything hockey gave me but what I’m doing now I get a greater sense of self satisfaction and getting healthy means I can enjoy it even more.

Don’t worry about being perfect, I can tell you, doing your best will make you happier than being the best. Even if you just start out with a real fresh squeezed juice with some greens in it or a green smoothie to start your day, it will make a big difference. I hope to see you at the event September 30th where Sherry will reveal her philosophies and strategies that helped her go from a size 16 to a size 8 and how she can even make the greenest smoothie taste great.