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Playing with Fire tpb

Theo Fleury, who had walked away from hockey in 2003, leaving millions of dollars on the table and thousands of fans asking why, was determined to redeem himself. But how? With a comeback. Six years after his last NHL game, at age 41, weighing 215 pounds and with 25 per cent body fat, he had only seven months to get ready for the Calgary Flames training camp. His chance for redemption came in a pre-season game against the New York Islanders. The score was 4-4 going into a shootout when his coach leaned over and told him, “You’re up next.”

In this fully up-to-date edition of Playing with Fire, Fleury gives readers the inside story on how his life has changed since this book was first published. Along with the original, fearlessly honest tale that captivated the nation, he now chronicles his NHL comeback. In the same frank, fast-paced style that made his book a blockbuster, Fleury shares fascinating new stories about life as a 41-year-old rookie, as an author on the road, and as a man in the spotlight following the disturbing news that his former coach had been pardoned for his horrific crimes. Playing with Fire is Theo Fleury’s journey to hell and back, a book no one can put down or will ever forget.

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Following the release of his mind-blowing first book Playing with Fire, Theo Fleury joins forces with world-renowned therapist Kim Barthel in a new book Conversations with a Rattlesnake. The book presents a raw and honest conversation loaded with personal insights and cutting-edge information about healing from trauma and abuse. Fleury’s story will inspire not only those overcoming their own trauma but friends, parents, teachers, coaches, therapists, and health practitioners – anyone who is in the critical position of supporting someone who needs to share their own story. Fleury calls Barthel the “Wayne Gretzky of Therapy,” and within their emotionally safe therapeutic friendship, he bares his soul so that others can learn from his mistakes, triumphs, and new learnings. Fleury’s life experiences and Barthel’s informed interpretation combine to provide a unique look at the healing process that is easy to read, entertaining, and transformational.

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