When I was 6 years old I moved to a Russell, Manitoba, a small community where it just so happens that the 13 best athletes in that town were only 6 years old. Three of the fathers of this group became our coaches and mentors…they invested in us time, energy, and wisdom.

These men taught us core values, what every child needs: respect, caring, love, hard work and consequences. They had a plan and structure that was followed in every aspect of our lives. Practicing the fundamentals was never overlooked.

We were taught that the process was vital – more important than the result. These coaches knew that in order to realize success we needed to be experts in the process of winning.

Education and family were important to them too, and that became important to us as well. Their planning and leadership became the blueprint for success ~ many games won, championships were ours, and lifelong friendships were the results.

I carry those values and those lessons to this very day.

And now I have a great opportunity to give back through Navigational Coaching. On December 1st and 2nd at the Palliser Hotel in Calgary, Alberta I will be joining Pat Lipovski in a 2 day seminar focused on empowering people to reach their full potential. I’d like to be able to have as many as possible attend, but please know that the maximum number of attendees is 60, you’ll need to book your place ASAP in order to get in on this incredible time of learning, connecting and elevating the conversation.

Check out www.patlipovski.com, and click on the gold star “Workshop Sign Up” now!

Thank you – I look forward to seeing you there and then!

Best always,