Theo Fleury and Kim Barthel would like to announce the launch of a life-changing event, “Breaking Free through Healing Conversation: Moving Beyond Sexual Abuse and Trauma”.

This will be an intimate opportunity to understand the journey towards emotional healing and healthier living.  Even after a really tough upbringing, terrible things happening and years of severe addiction, we can make the conscious choice to turn things around.  By combining Theo’s personal story with Kim’s therapeutic explanation of what he went through and is going through, listeners will have the opportunity to experience personal healing as they deepen the awareness of their own life stories.

We can all learn from others’ experiences, and Theo is an outstanding storyteller who tells it like he sees it.  What Kim does is help make sense of it all, to facilitate the process of self-awareness and reflection that is needed for any of us to ultimately move forward in our healing.

What makes this event most meaningful is the concept that those of us who are hurting don’t have to sink to the low place like Theo did before we decide to take charge of our lives.  There is a way out of chronic emotional pain.  It undoubtedly takes a pile of courage and support, but it is possible. And, Theo’s story will leave you knowing that it is unquestionably worth it.

On November 8th, 2013 in Nanaimo, BC at the Nanaimo Convention Centre this event will be sponsored by, and be a fundraiser for, Footholds Therapy Centre. Footholds is a therapeutic services centre for individuals with special needs, with emphasis upon developing skills through relationships.

On November 28th, 2013 in Winnipeg, MB at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre “Breaking Free” will be sponsored by, and be a fundraiser for the Aulneau Renewal Centre. Aulneau provides resources for children, youth and adults to build relationships and be renewed through healthy attachments.

Please feel free to pass on this invitation to anyone who you think might be interested in this experience.