“To help as many people get to where they need to go”

Theo Fleury

Theoren Fleury

Former NHL All-Star, Stanley Cup winner and Olympic Gold Medalist
Best selling author of Playing with Fire
Healing motivator
Person of great life experience
Knowledge in the field of relational trauma

Theo’s mission statement is to help as many people get to where they want to go has taken shape in many forms, whether meeting people for a brief moment on the street or as a dynamic inspirational speaker with the intention of creating healing through conversation. He loves people, their stories and their journeys. He is committed to daily transformation through personal growth through self-reflection, mindfulness and new action. His compassionate spirit allows others to feel safe and whole through experiencing his vulnerability.

Theo has been awarded the Canadian Humanitarian Award, The Queen’s Jubilee Medallion, he is an Honorary Chief and recipient of the Aboriginal Indspire Award. Most recently, Theo has been awarded with an honorary doctorate in Science from University of Guelph-Humber for outstanding contributions to the Mental Health of Canadians. Theo pursues excellence in all areas of his life.

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